If I had a choice between a nice melody and a nice chord connection, I choose without hesitation the nice chord connection!
I love sounds. Harmonies. They contain incomparably life.

Biographical characteristics

1. Name:
Jan Philipp Meyer.
2. Born:
In Hamburg.
3. Resident in:
In Rosenheim.
4. Longest lived:
In Berlin.
5. Education:
Guitar study in Hamburg (certificate).
Composition studies in Berlin

(Carlo Domeniconi).
Guest semester instrumentation in Essen


Masterclass with Hubert K├Ąppel
6. Publisher:
AMA-Verlag/Edition Edition Margaux

and Nova Vita.
7. Label:
Schallwelle / TimeZone

and Kreuzberg Records.
8. Lives:
Mainly from teaching.