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Odyssey and Return - A cycle for guitar

Composed: 1993


The underlying idea of the composition „Odysseus - Odyssey and Return” is to create a great full-length opus for the concert guitar. The composition, basically following Homer’s literary “Odyssey”, forms a through-composed whole from the first to the last ton.





A. The Odyssey

1. Odysseus

2. The Cyclops Polyphemus

3. The Sorceress Circe

4. Setting out for the Uncertainty

5. In the Underworld

6. The Sirens

7. Scylla und Charybdis

8. Odysseus falls deeply asleep

9. Dreams

10. Odysseus foresees the impending desaster

11. The revenge of the Gods

12. Odysseus drifts helplessly on the waves


B. The Return

1. Odysseus

2. The Nymph Calypso

3. The Olympus - seat of the Gods

4. Ihaca enveloped in fog

5. Odysseus reaches home

6. Odysseus’ transformation into a beggar

7. Telemachus’ desperate longing for Odysseus

8. Odysseus and the Suitors

9. Penelope

10. His dog Argus

11. The Recognition

12. Home



AMA-Verlag/Edition Margaux

Art.Nr.: em1066



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The 9 Muses for guitar

Composed: 1997


The nine muses, originally naiads and goddesses of rhythm and song, are the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne (goddess of memory) and live upon the mountains Helikon and Parnassus. In Greek mythology they stand for the different aspects of music, language, dance and science. Kalliope: Muse of epic poetry and narrative song - Melpomene: Muse of tragedy - Uranis: Muse of astronomy - Erato: Muse of poetry of love - Terpsichore: Muse of choral dancing - Clio: Muse of history - Thalia: Muse of comedy and light verse - Euterpe: Muse of lyric poetry - Polyhymnia: Muse of hymns and serious song.



1. Mnemosyne (mother of the muses)
2. Kalliope
3. Melpomene
4. Urania
5. Erato
6. Terpsichore
7. Klio
8. Thalia
9. Euterpe
10. Polyhymnia
11. Zeus (father of the muses)



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Art.Nr.: em1074



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Sonate Nr. 1 for guitar

Composed: 1998


High musical claim requires high technical skills. A piece for professional players. 



3 parts



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Art.Nr.: em1093



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Sheet music:

G6 for 12 flutes

Composed: 2004

Order to the ensemble Flautissima


A version exists on this work for big orchestra worked on from the composer. 



4 parts


Play duration:

ca. 5:30 minutes.



Edition Nova Vita

Art.Nr.: NV1017



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JAN PHILIPP MEYER e-guitar [vol. 1]


A man, an amplifier, a guitar - and a lot of music!

In Meyers music bulging life is.

His guitar tells, sings, growls, suffers, floats, rejoices.

Time powerfully orchestral, sometimes melodious tunefully.

Always excitingly, unexpectedly, full energy and inspirations.

Meyers music touches and ties up. Is well-spoken and completely of pressure at the same time. One feels involuntarily a motor activity.Music for the senses and the intellect equally. Jan Philipp Meyer listen makes fun!



Early Summer Song 25

Early Summer Song 26

Early Summer Song 01

Early Summer Song 23

Summer Song 27

Summer Song 02

Summer Song 03

Summer Song 29

Late Summer Song 30

Late Summer Song 28

Late Summer Song 11

Late Summer Song 17



Order No.: TZ897



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