25 June 2021

My latest work:

"The Adventures of Pinocchio" for 14 instruments.

01 December 2020

An article about "The journey of the Argonauts" and about me has been published in the latest EGTA-Journal (issue 9, 11/2020).

31 October 2020

 New music to listen to:

"The Blind" for Classical Orchestra

22 June 2020

My latest work:

"Herakles" for guitar and string orchestra.

18 June 2019

The complete "The Journey Of The Argonauts" for guitar solo now available to download!

17 February 2018

"The Journey Of The Argonauts" for guitar solo is completed!

100 minutes of music in 63 movements.

30 July 2016

Fabian Hinsche performs from "Odysseus - Odyssey and Return" (youtube).

24 March 2016

The commissioned work "Hypermestra"

for the Mare Duo (mandolin and guitar) is completed!

25 April 2015

Contemporary music:

Flute trio for flute, alto flute in G and bass flute op. 14

A complete live recording!

8 February 2014

I am pleased that Ruth Berkowitz, Verena Gierth and Maja Norina Kapplusch in their short film "Spiel des Lebens" for the 99Fire-Films Award 2014 my Early Summer Song 23 have used as a soundtrack!

11 January 2014

New year - new music!

21 March 2013

More music to listen to!

More Tabs for download!

7 March 2013

There are new music to listen to!

2 March 2013

Late Summer Song 17 of my CD

is ready as a tab to download!

1 March 2013

My new CD

"JAN PHILIPP MEYER e-guitar [vol. 1]”

is worldwide available from today!